Welcome / ようこそ!

I’m Annie (アニー) and I usually go by “isaymeow” online (hence the url). Why this strange name? It all came about one day in college when I was having a rough time working on a video project and started making cat meow’s in the editing suite while the door were open. My friend thought it was hysterical, so I kept doing it. Eventually a teacher came over to complain and asked “Who said Meow?” — with a straight face I replied, “Oh, I say meow.”  After that my friend started laughing so hard and snorting that the teacher walked off in a huff. Ever since then it kinda became my thing. (I swear the story was a lot funnier if you were there to witness it.)

Anyway, this is my tiny little corner of the internet that I’ve had since 2003, and I haven’t had the heart to give it up. It’s gone through so many changes over the years, and now it’s more of a profile website than anything. Please feel free to take a look around and say hello…or meow 🐱

Thanks / どうも !  💜  😘  💜